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If so, consider offering the following link to cast and crew members.  It allows you to facilitate Video Visits directly with a physician in a way that is HIPAA-compliant, protects a patient's privacy - and is more time efficient and cost-effective than arranging an in-person referral to a physician's office.  Find a provate location for the patient and begin. 

Questions or concerns? Call/Text Dr Paul at 262-340-0126 or email


Video Visit

We recognize that Set Medics and physicians must work collaboratively to make sure cast and crew are safe and healthy. 

If there is something you may need as a set medic from setMD to help you create a safer and healthier work environment for the production  you are working on, please let us know. 

Video Visits

​​Are you interested in offering physician access right from your Set Medic station?